Editorial Notes

June 14, 2013- Just to clarify what this blog is all about.  It initially began as a web novel but, having realized everything that needs to be pulled together and everything that I could add to entertain you, I've changed this to a web DRAMA.  There are more characters coming into play and it will, for a time, take a supernatural spin.  I'm having fun with this, though I'm also serious about my writing.  Feel free to comment as you like. I LOVE COMMENTS.  LOL :)

***Chapter Twenty-Four, Part Two may not be properly paced.  I'd appreciate your input.  Thanks in advance.

I realize that some parts of this story may not fully "jive."  They will be corrected if and when I formally publish. However, please feel free to point out anything that didn't sit well with you, because it may be something that's easily corrected.

One thing I needed to recently correct was the repercussions for Bekah's hitting a teacher.  Both she and the teacher wound up in court but neither could be found guilty.  Towers was asked to resign and Bekah was given a month of in school suspension.  So all that within about six months' time. If that seems off, I can alter it to two years, but just keep in mind this is still sort of a work in progress. Though I've done previous versions, this one is fresh.

But as I said, please do point out anything you find faulty.

Thanks in advance.

Jennifer (aka "hannahrose")