About this Very Complex Story and this Site

AS NOTED IN THE EDITORIAL NOTES:  June 14, 2013- Just to clarify what this blog is all about.  It initially began as a web novel but, having realized everything that needs to be pulled together and everything that I could add to entertain you, I've changed this to a web DRAMA.  There are more characters coming into play and it will, for a time, take a supernatural spin.  I'm having fun with this, though I'm also serious about my writing.  Feel free to comment as you like. I LOVE COMMENTS.  LOL :)

JUNE 16, 2013 UPDATE:  This story is told in parts- the first 28 chapters are the beginnings.  A lot of back and forth here and angst.  

The SECOND PART is beginning with Chapter 29 and involves a supernatural struggle, though nothing too cheesy or tv-ish.  Mostly mysterious and will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

Also included in part 2- Bekah decides to help Allie and like Dan, does not attend school for a couple of weeks.  She will be interacting with many characters, especially Diana from my other stories (most of you haven't read them).  During this time, Dan will be tutoring Bekah.

Sounds like trouble.

We shall see.


Just a couple of things you should know:  The front page presents the main story I am working on, "The Rose and the Thorn," which I have posted on another site in the past (all but a chapter has been removed to protect copyright).  The version I am presenting now is far different, though in the beginning you may think you're reading the same thing all over again.  Trust me, it veers from the original(s) quite a bit this time around.

The last page will contain more information about the characters- just to give you an idea what they're like as you head into reading the story. However, I have to be careful not to give too much away, so don't be surprised if you're left with one eyebrow raised and a "hmmmm" in your throat.  hehe.

All of that said, I hope you enjoy the stories intertwined in this one story.  My goal in everything I write is to give glory to God, so don't expect any "bedroom" scenes or other unneccessary conduct.

God bless and thank you for reading!