Thursday, March 28, 2013

I think I've already posted something to this effect, but here is where I'm at- as taken from a recent reply to one of my readers: 

I've decided this is not a novel but a drama you can "tune" into. I think this story has lots of loops and there is still much that I need to weave into it in order for it to be believable. Perhaps one day I'll condense it into a novel, but I've got to get all the ideas OUT THERE. lol I think this is what's been slowing me down all along- wanting to write the book and realizing I don't have the space for all of my ideas.

That said, I'll also be writing shorter stories and selling them on Amazon for about .99 cents each. So, that tells you I've been thinking about a lot of different things, this story included.

Finally, if someone is interested in proof-reading what I have so far and working a little with me, please let me know.  If I re-read everything, I'll puke, poke my eyes out and sob for a century.  Now that would slow down my writing even more and we don't want that.  Right? LOL

Thanks in advance.