Thursday, July 5, 2012

Important Update

Helo, all!  I apologize for the long lag in updates, but finding time to write has been challenging now that I have three kids. lol  However, school will be starting up again soon and now that my baby sleeps through the night and holds her own bottle, I will be a bit more freed up. :)

Need you to know that things are about to take an unexpected left turn in this story.  Don't let that frighten you away.  The thing is, I see this as more of a web drama than a novel.  If I ever do decide to have it published, I am aware that serious changes will be needed.  However, I'm mostly doing it for fun.  For myself and for my readers, although I also take my writing very seriously.  Still feel free to comment on the writing, etc, whether it is positive or negative.  I will take all comments into considerations.

Now, you're probably wondering what that "left turn" is.  Let's put it this way.  Viewing what's happening in the world right now- all the craziness and catastrophes-(If you don't know what I mean here are some hints:  "zombies," wars, fires, major floods, droughts, severe storms and power outages, fish washing up dead all over the world.  Dan would take special notice of it all.)- I think this should have an impact on all of the characters.  That's it in a nutshell.

So I think it will be fun, incorporating the craziness, and I hope to convey some special and important messages.  You can take them or leave them, but I do hope you enjoy the story and learn something along the way. 

Thanks for reading!